Kylainah, a child recieving treatment for clubfoot, waits at the airport with her mother and a volunteer pilot.
Problems with Clubfoot Kylainah was born with bilateral complex clubfoot. This is a condition where a child’s feet turn inwards. If treated early – as in, weeks after birth – the child can have a procedure that fixes it. If treated later, the surgery and healing process is more difficult. Kylainah’s mother, Syndey, went toRead More
Start Your Engines! Two children buckle into the back seat of a small plane. One last check – everything’s safe. Excited grins cross their faces. The propeller roars to life, spinning faster and faster. The plane speeds down the runway… and takes off! Cheers come from the back seat. These children are flying with AngelRead More
Pilot Intro Richard “RT” Linsenbach has won Pennsylvania Pilot of the Year before. This year, he took home the award again. He goes by “RT,” fitting his easygoing nature. Notable Mission In recent years, RT transported a young child with a rare disease to Baltimore for treatment. The media tried to cover the flight, butRead More
Pilot Day 2018 Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic held their Second Annual Pilot Appreciation Day on May 5, 2018, at Signature Flight Support. The official title for the event is a bit of a mouthful. So for short – let’s call it Pilot Day 2018. The Right Atmosphere From inside the hangar at Signature Flight Support, guestsRead More


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