Our Double Angel Flight Mission on Friday (August 10th) completed…… This makes a total of eight missions in seven days!  It sure has been a great week celebrating Captain Johns Birthday! (Stay tuned for Story, Photos and Video of our entire week of flights)……. as soon as I get caught up! Have a Great Weekend!Read More
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     Friday morning we will be departing home base Luray between 0930 and 10000 heading to Charlottesville VA to pick up our two campers we flew there last Saturday. We then will fly them back to their parents waiting for them in Pittsburgh PA.  This will make a total of eight Angel Flight MissionsRead More
We are presently doing our flight planning in the very nice FBO of “Jet Center” at Northeast Philly Airport waiting for Elaine to finish with her appointments….. we will then be off heading for home base Luray to refuel. From home base we will depart again heading Elaine home to Asheville NC…… then back home!Read More
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We are in Philly spending the night after 6.8 hours in the air today completing a Double Angel Flight Mission on Captain Johns 95th Birthday! Tomorrow we will wait for our passenger Elaine to finish her appointment and we will then fly her back home to Asheville NC, another double Angel Flight….. (making a fuelRead More


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