Four-Year-Old Enjoys Angel Flight Adventure

During her four years of life, Chloe has had more challenges than most people experience in a lifetime. She suffers from eosinophilic esophagitis, a disease that causes her immune system to mistake food for an enemy. It attacks by sending white blood cells to the esophagus, which in turn causes inflammation and pain. Treatment by local doctors was ineffective. Janelle learned about a specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Dr. Putnam, but needed a way to get herself and Chloe there. Angel Flight arranged a round trip from their home in Chesterfield, Virginia, to Cincinnati. “We were treated like VIPs!” Janelle said. “Chloe enjoyed the flights and felt like they were an adventure.”
At the hospital, Dr. Putnam was able to identify four foods that Chloe could safely eat. “Before going to Cincinnati, Chloe was sick all the time and had developed a severe aversion to eating any kind of food,” Janelle said. “She is regaining her desire to eat, and is now a happy four-year-old girl who is rarely sick.” Chloe will have to travel back to Cincinnati several times every year for ongoing care. She and her mom can count on Angel Flight to help them.


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