Meet the Pilots #1: Richard “RT” Linsenbach

Pilot Intro

Richard “RT” Linsenbach has won Pennsylvania Pilot of the Year before. This year, he took home the award again. He goes by “RT,” fitting his easygoing nature.

Notable Mission

In recent years, RT transported a young child with a rare disease to Baltimore for treatment. The media tried to cover the flight, but RT adamantly refused. Issues with safety and increasing a family’s stress – in his words, “Absolutely not!” That answer caused reporters to back off. Thanks to RT, this young child is on the road to recovery.

Why He Flies

Pilot Day 2018 came around, and RT showed up for the festivities (and his award). Live videos were going onto social media. RT found himself – to make a pilot pun – on the air. was asked “Why do you give to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic?” Without skipping a beat, RT answered from the heart. “It’s a great humanitarian cause. I really enjoy it… this is a great thing to do.” His compassion and safe flying are examples of what make Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic great. Great job, RT!


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