Angel Flight Story

Words cannot begin to describe my thankfulness to Angel Flight and all who are involved in this charity. Twelve months ago I was terrified as to the outcome and complexity of getting a liver transplant, not to mention the fact that I had to get from the middle of Michigan to Rochester, Minnesota, in record time. Everything had to be synchronized—from the moment the hospital received the liver to my arrival within two hours. Well, it’s been three months since I got “the call” from Mayo Clinic saying they had a liver waiting for me! It was pretty emotional for me and my family because there were so many times that we did not know if I would ever have the transplant or be healthy enough to endure the wait. What made it even more divine was the fact that the day they called me was also my birthday. I could not have been given a more perfect gift.
I want to thank you for being an intricate part of my transplant. Angel Flight is all that your name implies and far more. From the pilot who unselfishly donated his time, to the people who took the call to set everything up, this would not have succeeded if it weren’t for their generosity and kindness. Thank you for taking time for another and giving me a second chance at life. May God richly bless Angel Flight…a place in Heaven is reserved just for you! Gratefully, Larry B. and Family


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