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I (Nevin Showman) am so Honored to say I have been nominated (along with seven other Volunteer Pilots from across our Great Country) for the 2018 Endeavor Award that will be presented out in California beneath the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Captain John received this Prestigious Award in 2015 and if it were not for him, I would not be in any position to be nominated  for this, or any other award for that matter that has to do with flying…… (I really feel out of place and so undeserving  being nominated with the seven other Amazing Pilots that have all done so much in helping so many people)  My tremendous Thanks goes out to Captain John for letting me be a part in what he does so often that helps so many people……. it is truly an Honor to fly with this Amazing Man and to call him my Friend !  This year the Public can cast votes to help choose a winner, so if you can, visit the voting page at  and cast a vote ! The organization the winner represents will receive a $15,000.00 grant ! ….. John and I proudly fly for and represent Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic.  Thanks so much for your time and here is the link again to vote ……  Also, if you can share this for others to cast votes that would be GREAT !   Have a Great Day All, Nevin

Sun in our eyes heading to Norfolk Virginia

Captain John and Nevin  “Wings Around America” providing Help and Hope for those in need

Source: Mercy Medical Angels


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