Recognition for Volunteer Pilots Every day, more than 500 volunteer pilots give life-saving services. They help in the aftermath of hurricanes. They provide free transportation to medical care for patients. They’re the angels of Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic. Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic recognizes volunteer pilots at an annual event. The date: May 4, 2019. The event: PilotRead More
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Laryngeal Cleft: Scary Scenario Imagine choking or gagging every single time you drank. You’d need first aid at the table, along with hospital visits to treat complications from liquid going into your lungs. This was the reality for Owen. Owen was still an infant when doctors found out he had a rare condition: laryngeal cleft.Read More
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Hope this finds everyone well on this very cold winters day!      Here’s a very short video clip of Captain John and I flying around the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama during our flight around the Country in 2015  ….. This was the location of the “We Shall Overcome March, Selma to Montgomery”Read More


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