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Happy Presidents Day from Captain John and Nevin! (This photo of Mount Rushmore is one of several that we captured from the cockpit of 49Bravo on our flight around the country in 2015) Powered by WPeMatico
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Hello everyone! The story and photos of our Angel Flight on January 10th is now posted (sorry I am late in doing so)… on this flight, we needed to divert… there never was an immediate danger, and all ended well… with our passenger, Lee, making it safely back home to Tazewell Va. You can (CLICK HERE)Read More
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Good morning all! Today we will be heading out on our 2nd Angel Flight of 2020, we will be departing home base Luray around 0900 for a very short VFR flight over to Charlottesville Va. From Charlottesville, we will fly Lee, our passenger back home… landing at Tazewell Va. This will be the reverse ofRead More
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So sorry… the email post you just received about our next Angel Flight got sent out a little early (should have been Friday morning)  So the actual day of the flight is tomorrow, Friday, January 10th. Sorry for the mess up… have a great night!Powered by WPeMatico


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