…You can (CLICK HERE) to view the segment… WUSA Channel 9 News found out that we were “GROUNDED” and came out to our hanger today to do a story on Captain John and about our major instrument failure we have that is keeing us on the ground until resolved! This has really helped to spread theRead More
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(CLICK HERE) to read about a primary instrument failure that has been keeping our feet on the ground, and about a “Go Fund Me” site that has been set up for us by two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner, Eric Lichtblau to help us get 49Bravo back in the air! Powered by WPeMatico
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To all our Veterans we say Thank You! Honoring all who have, and all who continue, to serve our Great Country …….. let us not forget that the freedoms we all enjoy have never come free.  Powered by WPeMatico


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