The Power of Autistic Minds Mercy Medical Angels Power Untapped April is Autism Acceptance Month. Many times, people focus on the “problems” with autistic people. Some examples are not making eye contact, sensory overload and repetitive behavior patterns. Instead of focusing on the struggles of autistic people, let’s celebrate their strengths. Let’s tap into theRead More
Stories from Grateful Patients: Maddix Mercy Medical Angels Maddix has Hirschsprung’s Disease. His primary surgeon left Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh to go to Children’s in Colorado. Since Maddix has had 2 surgeries and has been followed by this surgeon, we decided to continue under his care in Colorado. After hours and hours of searching theRead More
Stories from Grateful Patients: Gabriel Mercy Medical Angels Our 13-year old son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer last October just 3 days before his birthday. Only 200 such cases worldwide are known since 1989. Between October 2019 to February 2020, Gabriel underwent four rounds of chemotherapy. We were advised byRead More
Stories from Grateful Patients: Julia Mercy Medical Angels Dear Volunteer Pilots, I so appreciate your willingness in flying me to my 2 doctor appointments at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, VA on July 11, 2017. There are very few lovely individuals who would extend their invitation to help a person-in-need to theRead More


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