Jaidyn: Healing and Hope Mercy Medical Angels Tough Problems for a Teen Jaidyn is a teen girl who lives in Missouri. She has multiple conditions that prevent her from living life to the fullest. She needed a feeding tube and a wheelchair to go long distances. Her mother, Tamena, was determined to help Jaidyn getRead More
Donna: Lifted to a Better Life Mercy Medical Angels Operation Needed Donna lives just outside Philadelphia. The city is famous for its role in history, holding artifacts such as the Liberty Bell. Unfortunately, Donna and the bell have something in common: damage. A rare disease takes a toll on Donna’s health. The only way toRead More
Kyle: A Bright Future Mercy Medical Angels Bright Beginnings Kyle was born in January, at an hour before the sun had risen. His mother, Brianna, “fell in love at first sight. He was so pure and perfect.” Brianna hoped Kyle would have a bright future Dark Shadow Fast forward to June 2018, when Kyle wasRead More
Megan: Rare Disease Won’t Stop Her Mercy Medical Angels Rare Disease Diagnosis Megan lives in Southern California. The area is known for sunny skies and warm weather year-round. It’s also a place of glamour and entertainment, home to Hollywood and the original Disneyland. However, Megan’s life isn’t all sunshine, smiles, and stars. She has aRead More


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