No child should have to endure the kind of suffering that six-year-old Kaylee T. has faced, but despite serious illness, the little girl from Gordonsville, Virginia “is a happy child in high spirits,” says her father and full-time caregiver, Jermaine. Kaylee had just started kindergarten when one day in October 2014 she became violentlyRead More
By Stephanie Singer, Intern, Virginia Wesleyan College “He’s going to be his own prophet. He’s going to write his own book.” These thoughts passed through Kristine’s head when she first held her son. She named her son Ezequiel, an alternate spelling of the biblical name Ezekiel. The name means “God’s strength,” a unique spelling reflecting theRead More
  by Stephanie Singer, Intern (Virginia Wesleyan College) Karen C. has a condition called myasthenia pravis. Trying to say it will twist your tongue. That was the least of Karen’s concerns. This condition rendered twisting, or any other motion, almost impossible. Myasthenia pravis is an autoimmune disease in which antibodies attack the areas where nerves andRead More
For years, Jamie R. was told, “It’s all in your head,” “You should see a psychiatrist,” “There’s nothing wrong with you.” Medical tests like MRIs would always come back negative. It’s that way for many rare disease patients living far away from advanced medical facilities. Jamie, 35, resides in the small city of London inRead More


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