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Every Donation Helps

No matter how much you choose to give, your donation to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic has an impact. Your contribution allows you to become part of the solution to the serious issue of access to health care for the less fortunate.

Please help us save another life with a donation that can permanently transform a person’s life!

Will you help make a dream come true? 100% of every donation we receive goes to programs and services that help our families.

For every $500 contributed to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, we can fly a child and their parent from Virginia to the Shriner’s hospital in Boston for cancer treatment.

Adopt-an-Angel Flight

Opportunities to quadruple the effect of your dollar do not come along often . . . especially if it is given to charity.


Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic has kicked off an ongoing giving campaign created to help donors realize what their investment means to passengers who need the transportation they simply cannot afford. Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic is unique in that instead of a percentage of every dollar given being spent on direct program expenses, the effect of each dollar given is actually quadrupled through the volunteer pilot and aviation resources recruited. These pilots and resources donate free air transportation to help ordinary people who are in financial need due to extraordinary life circumstances.

Current Angel Flight and budget statistics indicate that each flight averages an overall organizational cost of $200. That equates to $800 worth of flight service donated as a result of every $200 given. Adopt-an-Angel Flight donors are rewarded with a brief description of the flights they’ve sponsored as well as recognition within AFMA publications. Won’t you consider Adopting-an-Angel Flight to provide the transportation someone in your community desperately needs?

Helping is simple:

  • Donate amount desired for designated number of flights to the Adopt-an-Angel Flight program. Each flight is $200. Please contact us for more information, or make a pledge by clicking the “Donate Now”.
  • Receive a letter of thanks describing the flight(s) you sponsored.
  • Feel great knowing you’ve helped and been recognized for your gift.

Giving Options

There are various ways to give to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic.

Send a Check by Mail:

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic
4620 Haygood Road, Suite 1
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Donate Your Frequent Flyer Miles

It’s Easy to Give the Gift of Miles . . .

Click here or on the United Airlines icon and  scroll down to donate to Mercy Medical Angels (formerly Mercy Medical Airlift).

For more information on donating miles please call us at 757-318-9174.

Thank you for saving lives through the gift of flight!

Privacy Policy

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic does not sell, trade, exchange or otherwise disclose user or donor information outside the organization. This policy has no exceptions.


100% of every donation is used for program purposes.

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