Father’s Letter Praises Angel Flight for Helping Adopted Son

Dear Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, I want to take this opportunity to express to your organization our family’s gratitude for the service you provide to children like our son, Junjun. Junjun was adopted by us in 2008, from China. He had been in a house fire there, and has resulting burns over 70 percent of his body. Since arriving home, he has been undergoing treatment at Shriner’s Burns Hospital in Boston. Until we found out about Angel Flight, we were driving to Boston for treatment and medical check-ups—over 1,000 miles each round trip. The cost and loss of work time was beginning to take its toll. We now are able to continue Junjun’s treatment with a substantially reduced cost, thanks to the Angel Flight organization, and the devoted pilots who selflessly give of their time to make these flights possible. It is not possible to put into words how our family appreciates what you are doing for our son. My son and I took our first flight on May 12, 2010, to Boston. The coordination of the flights could not have been more pleasant. MaryJane Sablan (director of flight coordination) continuously kept us updated, and the pilots were simply professional and caring. I have told many people about Angel Flight…We will continue to express to people our feelings of gratitude. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for everything. Sincerely, Jack M.


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