Jaidyn: Healing and Hope

Jaidyn: Healing and Hope Mercy Medical Angels

Tough Problems for a Teen

Jaidyn is a teen girl who lives in Missouri. She has multiple conditions that prevent her from living life to the fullest. She needed a feeding tube and a wheelchair to go long distances. Her mother, Tamena, was determined to help Jaidyn get better. “She has been fighting for almost three years to get back to being a normal, healthy teen,” said Tamena.

The best doctors that could help Jaidyn were in Boston, MA. Jaidyn lives in Missouri – a distance of more than 1,000 miles. Round-trip airfare was extremely expensive. “Traveling back and forth so many times a year began to take a toll on our family,” said Tamena. “The thought of not being able to continue treatment because we couldn’t afford travel was such a weight for us.”

Flying Southwest

Thankfully for Jaidyn, Tamena found out about Mercy Medical Angels. The charity has a partnership with Southwest, which enabled Jaidyn to fly to Boston. Tamena is very happy with the experience of flying with Southwest. “If I have the option to pick an airline, Southwest would be our first.”

Some airlines have caused Jaidyn an unhealthy amount of embarrassment. They ask why a teen like Jaidyn needs a wheelchair. “She’s so young and doesn’t have a feeding tube hanging from her nose,” said Tamena. “This leads to the uncomfortable conversation… I can see her go from hopeful to embarrassed.”

However, Southwest doesn’t do that. “They always get Jaidyn the help she needs,” said Tamena, “and she is checked on by attendants during the trip.” The flights are consistently on time, “so we have never had to worry about missing a doctor’s appointment.”

“We have had nothing but a positive experience with Southwest.”

Healing and Hope

Tamena says that Jaidyn’s experience with Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest has been “renewing.” She adds, “This is so important, and the feeling is indescribable.”

When asked what she would say to donors, Tamena speaks from her heart. “Mercy Medical Angels touches and helps families in so many different ways,” she says. “Your gift aids in healing and recovery.”

When a teen like Jaidyn faces health problems, their lives are disrupted. But there is good news: Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest are there to help. Even when illness puts dark clouds over life, Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest will help teens and their families find healing and hope.

Jaidyn is on her way to healing and hope!

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