Kylainah Takes on Clubfoot, One Step at a Time

Kylainah, a child recieving treatment for clubfoot, waits at the airport with her mother and a volunteer pilot.

Problems with Clubfoot

Kylainah was born with bilateral complex clubfoot. This is a condition where a child’s feet turn inwards. If treated early – as in, weeks after birth – the child can have a procedure that fixes it. If treated later, the surgery and healing process is more difficult.

Kylainah’s mother, Sydney, went to a hospital in their home state of Kentucky to correct Kylainah’s clubfoot. However, the operation was done improperly. This only made it worse.

“We needed a specialist for correction,” said Sydney. The best option for correction was at the Ponseti Clubfoot Treatment Center in Iowa. Two problems arose. The first problem was the cost of travel. Sydney is a single working mother, and had to take one month of unpaid leave to take care of Kylainah. The second problem was finding a means of transportation. “Travel by car or plane with a breastfeeding infant is extremely difficult,” said Sydney.

A Simpler Way

One day, Sydney went online to see if anyone could help. She found Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, a program of Mercy Medical Angels. Kylainah was accepted for travel, with Sydney as the patient escort. “They allowed us a simpler way to get where we need to go.”

Kylainah outside a small plane, with her mother and the pilot.
Kylainah is ready to fly!

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic was the best option for their budget. It also provided the most efficient means of transportation. Aside from saving money, it saved the most precious resource of all – time.

Kylainah flew to Iowa and received the treatment she needed.

Overcoming the Obstacles

Kylainah will have to fly to Iowa in the near future. She needs follow-up appointments after the operation. These will allow doctors to monitor progress and catch any problems before they get out of hand.

Just as important as the treatment, Sydney doesn’t worry about the cost and difficulty of travel. She says that Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic “took all the stress away.” According to Sydney, the help Kylainah received from Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic is a “blessing.”

Sydney encourages people to help Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic. “Your small act might not change the world, but it could help change the world for one person.” This is the case for Kyalainah. Her life will only improve as time goes on.

With help from Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, Kylainah is taking on clubfoot – one step at a time.


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