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     Our next Angel Flight will be tomorrow, February 7th.  We will be flying to Charleston WV then to Frederick MD where our passenger will continue on to Teterboro NJ with another Angel Flight Pilot. You can track all our flights on Flight Aware at  https://www.flightaware.com  by using our tail numbers (we have 2) One is N9649B, and that is used when we are flying to get our passenger and then returning home ….. the other is NGF2134, this one is used while we have the passenger on board. Try it out, it is fun and easy ! As always we keep a close eye on the weather right up to the time of departure and only launch if we are ok with the conditions……. tomorrows flight will be affected by a large system that will impact the entire route from Charleston to Teterboro and there are many variables with this system.  We will be continuing to keep an eye on the situation hour by hour and will not launch unless conditions allow for a safe flight with our passenger, not only for our route, but also for the connecting Angel Flight Pilot’s route that will continue on to Teterboro.

     Thanks for your time ! ……… and Have A Great Day !   John and Nevin

Sun in our eyes heading to Norfolk Virginia

Source: Mercy Medical Angels


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