Stories from Grateful Patients: Tina

Stories from Grateful Patients: Tina Mercy Medical Angels

I have a rare kidney disease called Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome. It causes constant flank pain that will not be touched by any pain medication. The only “cure” for LPHS is a kidney auto transplant which is not performed in many places. I found out about UW-Health treating this disease through a Facebook support group. I had to travel to Madison, Wisconsin and stay there for 3+ weeks. Driving the 13 hours was not an option for me because it is too painful to ride in a vehicle.

Financially I couldn’t afford to fly then I found out about Mercy Medical Angels. What a blessing. I was given a round trip commercial airline ticket to and from Madison, Wisconsin. The airlines were so helpful as I needed wheelchair assistance and they even helped to get my luggage and get it to my local ride.

Because of Mercy Medical Angels, they were the blessing that allowed me to have this life changing surgery. Thank you so much Mercy Medical Angels for helping to change my life for the better.


Tina (left) and her mother are grateful for the transportation assistance from Mercy Medical Angels!

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