Fuel Reimbursement Program

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, Airlift Hope and Mercy Medical Angels, an exemption to the extent necessary to allow for reimbursement of its volunteer pilots for fuel costs incurred in conducting charitable patient flights. Volunteer pilots who wish to participate in the Fuel Reimbursement Program are required to adhere to qualifications/requirements listed in Exemption 10009C. This is completely voluntary and no pilot is required to participate in the program. Click the button below to read: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Exemption No. 10009C

FAA Exemption No. 10009C

Volunteer pilots who decide to Opt-In are required to complete the following forms and return to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic. Please print forms, complete them entirely, and fax to 757-464-1284, attention MaryJane Sablan

Fuel Reimbursement Program Opt-In Form

Initial and Recurrent Training Requirements Form

Upon receipt of your signed forms we will provide you with the necessary instructions concerning administration of the program.

*Pilot Individual Fuel Fund- Donations to this fund will be in the name of individual pilots and are restricted to reimbursement for said pilot. Experience has shown that pilots have been successful in obtaining donations on their behalf and reimbursements will come from funds raised by the pilot.

Please advise potential donors to your individual fund to send check to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic. Instruct them to attach a memo stating that the donation is for your Individual Fuel Fund. Address follows: 4620 Haygood Rd – Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Steve Craven at 703-628-0288 – email Steve@SteveCraven.net should you require additional information.


100% of every donation is used for program purposes.

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