Wayne: From Surviving To Thriving

Wayne: From Surviving To Thriving Mercy Medical Angels

Just Surviving

Wayne is a veteran who lives in El Paso, Texas. His experiences in combat led to PTS. Life was getting difficult for him. It was a matter of just surviving day to day.

“Traditional therapies didn’t help me very much,” said Wayne. He wanted to be thriving, not merely surviving. He began to look for alternatives.

Help Needed…

That was when Wayne discovered a healing retreat for veterans. “Their methodologies are different,” said Wayne, “I’d never seen some of them before.”

However, the retreat facility was in Houston, almost 700 miles away. Wayne couldn’t afford the airfare. Driving for more than ten hours wasn’t a good option either

He needed help getting to the retreat facility.

…and Help Received

Luckily for Wayne, Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest Airlines were able to help. Mercy Medical Angels arranged flights, and Southwest helped pay for the trip.

“I couldn’t have been able to go if it weren’t for Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest Airlines,” said Wayne. He adds, “The flight was great.”

Furthermore, the flight assistance helped him maintain financial stability. This meant he could focus on the retreat and the healing it provided.

Going from Surviving to Thriving

Wayne described his experience at the veterans’ retreat as “education and enlightening.” He also said, “The different methodologies are helping.” Thanks to the retreat – and the flight assistance – he’s maintaining physical and mental wellness.

When asked what he would say to potential donors, Wayne’s voice halts from the overwhelming emotion.

“It’s pretty significant – the statistics on PTS and veterans committing suicide because of it. Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest Airlines – keep people alive. Your donation can do the same – keeping people alive.”

When a veteran like Wayne lives with PTS, surviving can be a day-to-day struggle. But thanks to Mercy Medical Angels and Southwest Airlines, they have a chance at healing and hope. They can increase their quality of life, and go from surviving to thriving.

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